By-Laws for the Iran Chapter of the IGS


  1. Name

1.1 The official name shall be Iranian chapter of International Geosynthetic Society. 

It shall be referred to herein as ICIGS. The scope of this Chapter is Islamic Republic of Iran territory. The legal address shall be in Tehran, Iran.

1.2 The Chapter shall be a Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society.


  1. The objective of the ICIGS shall be:

2.1 To collect, evaluate and disseminate knowledge on all matters relevant to geosynthetics.

2.2 Promote seminars, symposia, conferences, etc.

2.3 Publish or sponsor papers or books.

2.4 Maintain reference libraries and collections which relate to the scientific and technological objectives of the ICIGS.

2.5 To improve communication and understanding regarding geosynthetics and their applications, especially between the textile and civil engineering communities.

2.6 To promote advancement of the state of the art of geosynthetics and their applications.

2.7 Encourage, coordinate and/or sponsor research and development in industry, universities, laboratories and other organizations.

2.8 Afford recognition of achievement in the advancement of the science and the practical use of geosynthetics.

2.9 Encourage academic institutions to provide courses on geosynthetics and their applications.

2.10 Encourage, through its members, the standardization of geosynthetics test methods, equipment and criteria.

2.11 Encourage honorable and ethical behavior from its members at all times

2.11 The ICIGS shall not become a commercial enterprise.

2.12 The ICIGS shall not act counter to the aims, purposes and decisions of the IGS.


  1. Membership

3.1 The ICIGS shall consist of individual members, company members, honorary members, and affiliate members.

3.2 Individual members must be engaged in, or associated with, the research, development, teaching, design, manufacture or use of geosynthetics and their applications, or be otherwise interested in such matters. Individual members can be university alumni, active people in the production, sale and construction of geosynthetics or related fields and also students.  

3.3 Chapter company members must be companies, contractors, distributors, fabricators, laboratories, governmental institutions, universities, consultants, etc. who are engaged in or associated with, the research, development teaching, design, manufacture or use of geosynthetics products or systems and their applications, or be otherwise interested in such matters. Each corporate member shall designate one person to act as its official representative to the chapter.

3.4 All members must be members of the IGS.

3.5 Honorary membership [life or annuals] may be bestowed by the ICIGS upon a limited number of persons on the basis of: distinguished position, scientific achievement, outstanding service to the ICIGS or major contributions to the promotion of geosynthetics and their applications. Honorary members of the IGS who otherwise qualify as individual members of the ICIGS shall automatically become honorary members of the ICGIS Election to honorary membership will be by majority vote of the ICIGS.

3.6 Membership in the ICIGS will terminate upon resignation or dismissal.

3.7 All classes of membership, except affiliates, must reside or be employed within the geographical bounds of the ICIGS.

3.8 Affiliate members are members whose geographical residence or employment is outside the geographical limits of the ICIGS but who otherwise qualify as members.


  1. Admission to and resignation from the ICIGS.

4.1 Admission

4.1.1 Application for membership shall be submitted in writing to the General Secretary of the ICIGS or to any of its Officers who will forward it to the General Secretary. It can also occur through applying directly to the Secretary of the IGS.

4.1.2 The application should include adequate evidence of the applicant’s eligibility for membership as well as agreement to pay the appropriate subscription fee.

4.1.3 Qualifications for eligibility and admissions are as follows

  1. For individual members:

– a good general education with suitable scientific or technical qualifications or experience, and individual membership in the IGS.

– Engagement in the design, sale, or manufacture of geosynthetics, or

– Responsibility and experience for the selection, use, applications or testing of geosynthetics, or

– Experience in teaching or conducting research on geosynthetics or interest in such matters.

– involved in an association, publication or event group working with the geosynthetics industry

  1. For Chapter Company members (if applicable)

– Registered corporation within the geographical region of the chapter.

– engaged in the design, sale, manufacture, specification, research and development, or use of geosynthetics, or

– Organization serving the geosynthetics industry, e.g. as an industry association.

  1. For honorary members:

– Qualification as an individual member, and

– Election by the ICIGS or

– Election by the IGS.

4.1.4 All applications will be considered for approval by the ICIGS or the IGS

4.1.5 Members in good standing of the IGS living or working in ICIGS automatically qualify to enroll as members of the ICIGS.

4.1.6 Membership in the ICIGS will officially begin with the payment of the subscription fee or the approval by the ICIGS or the IGS, whichever is the latest. Honorary members shall not be liable for membership subscription fees during the period of the honorary membership.

4.2 Resignation

4.2.1 Any member may resign at any time by written notice delivered to the President or the Secretary of the Chapter or of the IGS.

4.2.2 Such resignation shall take effect on the date specified in the notice or at the termination of the current subscription period if no date is specified.

4.2.3 Such resignation shall not relieve the member from the obligation to pay the subscription fee for the year in which the resignation takes place.

4.3 Dismissal from the ICIGS

4.3.1 Members who act counter to the aims and interest of the ICIGS or of the IGS can be dismissed from the Chapter by a majority decision of the ICIGS or by the IGS. Members may also be dismissed for non-payment of the subscription fees due to the Chapter.

4.3.2 Dismissal for cause cases must formally appear on the Agenda of an ICIGS meeting. The General Secretary may automatically administer dismissal for non-payment.

The names of the individuals involved in dismissal cases and the supporting reason must be sent for information to IGS within a month of the decision.

4.3.3 Members being considered for dismissal must be afforded an opportunity to comment to and/or appear before the ICIGS before it reaches its decision.

4.3.4 Any member of the ICIGS has a right of appeal to the IGS Council against dismissal for cause. The ICIGS action is suspended pending the IGS decision.


  1. Subscription and Finances

5.1 Subscription

5.1.1 The fee payable to the IGS is decided by the IGS according to its bylaws.

The annual subscription fees for the ICIGS shall be determined at each General Meeting of the Chapter.

5.1.2 Necessary changes from time to time may be recommended by the Executive Committee for approval by ballot.

5.1.3 An entrance fee can be levied and is not refundable. It cannot exceed a one- year membership subscription fees.

5.1.4 The subscription fee may differ for the different classes of membership, i.e. for individual, chapter company and affiliate members.

5.2 Payment of subscription

5.2.1 The annual subscription fee for members shall become due on the first day of January each year unless otherwise decided by the ICIGS.

5.2.2 A chapter can elect that subscription fees paid by members joining during the second half of any year shall be levied at half the annual rate.

5.2.3 Any member whose payment is in arrears may be subject to penalty charges as established by the Executive Committee or, after due notice, be dismissed for non-payment.

5.2.4 Subscription fees shall be paid by all individual, chapter company and affiliate members.

5.3 Other income

5.3.1 In addition to entrance fees and subscription fees from members, the ICIGS may receive income from gifts, legacies, etc., other activities, such as sale of publications, sponsored conferences, etc.

5.3.2 Other income may be used as a fund for financing awards for the ICIGS, for promoting geosynthetics and their applications, or for any other purposes which the ICIGS may decide.

5.3.3 Other income funds shall be administered as required by the Treasurer under the auspices of the Executive Committee.


  1. Votes

6.1 Allocation of votes

6.1.1 Individual and honorary members shall have one vote. Affiliate members have no voting rights.

6.1.2 Chapter company members shall have one vote.

6.1.3 For any ballot or General Assembly or Chapter Company Committee meeting, each chapter company member shall designate one person to act as its official representative to the chapter.

6.2 Proxy

6.2.1 Each member may appoint any other member present at a meeting to act as his/her proxy. Notice of authority to act as proxy must be given in writing to the General Secretary. No member shall represent more than five members by proxy.


  1. General meetings

7.1 General meetings

7.1.1 The Executive Committee shall hold a General Meeting annually, at a time and place decided by the previous General Meeting or, in its absence. A copy of the agenda and of the minutes is sent to the Secretary of the IGS.

7.1.2 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time to transact special business. The General Secretary shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting within 2 months upon the request signed by one fifth of the member votes, or at the direction of the Executive Committee.

7.1.3 The General Secretary shall give at least two months notice of Ordinary or Extraordinary General Meetings.

7.1.4 When acting in accordance with 7.1.2, the Executive Committee may decide to utilize postal or electronic ballots of the members instead of calling an Extraordinary General Meeting.

7.2 Function of the Meeting

7.2.1 The business of a General Meeting will include the debate on and the approval of: reports by the President and Treasurer, the Executive Committee on chapter activities, the appointment of auditors, the approval of the ICIGS accounts, the approval of the subscription fees, and the election of officers for next term of office.

7.2.2 The General Meeting agenda will include reports from committees, meetings or persons, which the Executive Committee considers pertinent.

7.2.3 The General Meeting sets the date and place of the next General Meeting.

7.2.4 The General Meeting fixes the maximum number of honorary members the ICIGS may elect.

7.2.5 The General Meeting decides, by vote, actions to be taken by the ICIGS e.g. specifying time intervals for Conferences, etc.

7.2.6 Any member may add an item to the agenda of the General Meeting by submitting a written statement to the General Secretary 30 days prior to the opening of the General Meeting. Additionally, any member may raise a point for discussion at the General Meeting.

7.3 Procedures and Voting at the General Meeting

7.3.1 Only fully paid members and officially invited guests may attend the General Meeting. Only fully paid individual, chapter companies and honorary members may vote at the General Meeting.

7.3.2 No item of business shall be transacted at the General Meetings unless a quorum comprising 25 % of votes is present or represented. In the event a quorum is not present or represented at a General Meeting, then the Executive Committee shall recall the General Meeting within 2 weeks hence, at which convening the quorum rules will be suspended.

7.3.3 Votes of the General Meeting shall be taken by a show of hands, except for personal matters, such as electing officers, in which case a secret vote by ballot shall be taken. A secret vote shall also be taken if demanded by no fewer than 25 % of members of the ICIGS who are present or represented.

7.3.4 Ballots and votes of the General Meeting shall be carried by a simple majority of votes except for those amendments to the bylaws and of dissolution which must be decided by a 2/3 majority of the votes cast. In the event of any tie, on a show of hands, the side of the chairman’s vote casts the deciding vote.

7.4 Members can request the minutes of any General Meeting.


  1. The Professional Manager
  2. 1 The ICIGS may contract with a professional person or Organization, selected by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Meeting to manage its affairs.
  3. 2 The Professional Manager shall/can (as applicable) be paid a fee for its services, such fee to be negotiated by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Meeting.

8.3 The contract with newly recruited manager will last for one year and executive board can renew the contract for 3 years before re-consultation with members in general meeting.


  1. Officers

9.1 The officers of the ICIGS shall be

– One President,

– One President-elect OR one Vice-President,

– One General-Secretary,

– One Treasurer

9.2 Election of officers

9.2.1 The first President shall be elected at the first General Meeting following approval of the bylaws by the IGS and formally setting up the. He/she will be elected for a term of office of 3 years. The subsequent Presidents are elected at the end of each President’s term.

The Treasurer and Secretary, if there is no professional manager, shall be elected at the first General Meeting following approval of the bylaws and formally setting up the ICIGS. They are elected for a term of 3 years.

9.2.2 No officer can serve for more than two consecutive terms of office.

9.3 Responsibility of Officers

9.3.1 The President will normally chair General Meetings and Executive Committee meetings. In his/her absence, or at his/her request, the President- elect or Vice-President shall act in his/her place. In the absence of both the President and the Vice-President the Past President or the Treasurer, respectively, shall chair.

9.3.2 The General Secretary shall conduct the correspondence and ordinary business of the ICIGS on behalf of the President, and shall prepare the agenda for, and record minutes of all Executive Committee and General Meetings.

9.3.3 The General Secretary and the Treasurer are empowered to sign checks on behalf of the ICIGS. For amounts exceeding 5000 Euros the additional signature of the President or of his/her substitute shall be required.

9.3.4 The Treasurer or his/her appointed agent (the professional manager) shall keep proper books and accounts and prepare a balance sheet as well as income and expenditure statements for presentation to General Meetings.

9.3.5 The Treasurer shall be empowered to accept on behalf of the ICIGS any donations, contribution from individuals or companies.

9.4 The Executive Committee will decide upon the working program of the

ICIGS and supervise its finances. The Executive Committee sets the beginning and end of the fiscal year of the ICIGS.

9.5 The Treasurer will present to the Executive Committee a statement of the previous fiscal year accounts within four months of the end of each fiscal year.

9.6 The Executive Committee can organize or encourage conferences, symposia or exhibits, which should not conflict with the official conferences of the IGS.

9.7 Expenses incurred by officers in carrying out their duties for the ICIGS may be repaid by the Treasurer in accordance with the current state of funds in the ICIGS accounts.


  1. Executive Committee

10.1 The Executive Committee of the ICIGS shall be comprised of the officers of the ICIGS plus the immediate Past President.

10.2 The ICIGS may decide to add other members to the Executive Committee.


  1. Committees

11.1 Committee Appointments

11.1.1 The Executive Committee may appoint committees to undertake specific duties. The committees report to and function under the auspices of the Executive Committee.

11.1.2 The President appoints the chair of each committee. That committee chair shall be responsible for arranging all committee functions proceedings.

11.2 Committee Procedure

11.2.1 The appointed chair and four members of the committee [or half of its members], whichever is the lesser figure, shall comprise a quorum.

11.2.2 All members of a committee must be members, in any class, of the ICIGS. All committee members except affiliate members, shall have the same voting rights.

11.2.3 A committee may confer and act using postal telecommunications services.

11.2.4 A committee can set up (a) Task Force(s) for a limited period to undertake a specific task.

11.2.5 Guests may attend all committee meetings of the ICIGS with the agreement of that committee Chair, unless prior advice to the contrary is given by the Executive Committee.

11.2.6 Officers of the ICIGS shall be ex-officio members of all committees. Any officer can renounce this right.

11.2.7 A record shall be kept of all attendees of any Committee Meeting.

11.2.8 Minutes of all meetings will be kept. Copies of minutes and of all documents issued will be sent to the members of the committee and to the President and the General Secretary of the ICIGS.

11.2.9 Committee recommendations must be endorsed by a General Meeting before taking full effect. These may be adopted by postal or electronic vote.

11.3 responsibilities of the involved officers

11.3.3 General Secretary is responsible for following up meeting arrangement and results for different committees and also to inform executive board about the decisions made in the meetings. He will also make sure that all the activities pointed out in section 11; will be performed based on by-law guidance and recommendations and give the related reports to the president.

11.3.4 The treasurer should control and manage all the expenditures and incomes gathered in framework of different committees and give periodical report to the president and General Meeting


  1. Language

12.1 The official language of the new chapter is Farsi. However in its relations with the IGS and for all documents to be forwarded to the IGS, the official language will be English.

12.2 Committees may use languages for internal matters, other than the official language of the ICIGS if and only if all members of that committee who are present agree.


  1. Amendments to the bylaws and dissolution of the ICIGS

13.1 Bylaws

13.1.1 No alteration or amendment of these bylaws shall be made except at a General or Extraordinary General Meeting.

13.1.2 Amendments to the bylaws may be initiated by the Committee or one half of the member’s votes of the ICIGS.

13.1.3 Notice of proposed amendment shall be included with the notice and agenda of the General Meetings.

13.1.4 Notice of proposed amendments must be sent in advance to the IGS. No amendment is final unless agreed by the IGS.

13.1.5 In the event of any matter arising for which there is provision in these bylaws, the Executive Committee may consider the matter and act at their discretion, in the best interest of the ICIGS.

13.2 Dissolution of the ICIGS.

13.2.1 Dissolution of the ICIGS may only be decided by a General Meeting of the ICIGS subject to approval by IGS or result from a decision of the IGS Council.

13.2.2 Any proposal seeking to dissolve the ICIGS shall be initiated by a quarter of the membership of the chapter or by a quarter of the members of the IGS Council.

13.2.3 Notice of the proposed dissolution shall be included with the notice and agenda of the General Meeting. In the case of the IGS Council taking this initiative, advance notice of at least three months will be given to the ICIGS.

13.2.4 In the event of a decision to dissolve, the General Meeting shall seek recommendations from the Executive Committee regarding the clearing of all debts and shall dispose of the assets of the ICIGS.